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Aerowestern Helicopters is committed to outstanding customer service and complete customer satisfaction for all of our clients. The quality and attention to detail makes our work stand above the competition. We provide our clients with safe, professional helicopter services at competitive rates. We will get your projects completed on time and on budget.

Aerowestern Helicopters offers the safety and convenience of fully maintained Bell JetRangers for your charter, location scouting and aerial cinematography needs, including the F1 ShotOver camera, the Cineflex or the Gyron system; aerial game capture, aerial survey, law enforcement survey and FAA Part 133 lift work.

Located in Albuquerque, NM, we cover a 5 state region with 3 helicopters, with a base of operation in Durango, Albuquerque and Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Aerowestern's team of pilots are highly experienced and competent mountain aviators. Contact us today for rates, estimates, and booking information.


  • Custom Aerial Photography/Cinematography
  • ‚ÄčLocation Scouting
  • Broadcast ships for various sporting/concert events
  • On-Camera Ships
  • Charter/Air Taxi
  • Powerline/Pipeline/Aerial Surveys/Leak Detection
  • Game Survey & Game Capture
  • Wildlife Surveys / Habitat Study
  • Construction Lift Support